List Of Fun Water Sports You Must Try Once In Your Lifetime!

List of fun water sports you must try once in your lifetime!


Surfing refers to a water sport that can be performed using equipment known as a surfboard. This involves riding the waves to the shore of the ocean in a prone or upright position. Surfers, those who are into surfing, can catch the ocean, man-made waves, and rivers and glide across the water surface until they break waves and lose their energy.

Ice Diving

If you are fascinated by the unusual and exciting scuba diving, you can try ice diving. Ice diving, which is also a kind of penetration diving, involves diving under the ice. This water sport could be utterly different from scuba diving, as you will get to see and experience the presence of cold-blooded animals.

Cave diving

Cave diving

Cave diving is another kind of underwater diving where the diver dives into the ocean with water-filled caves. Also, it is said that cave diving is said to be one of the most dangerous forms of exploring the planet. Hence, proper training is required for a diver before they opt for cave diving.

Aqua jogging

Aqua jogging, also known as deepwater running, involves wearing a flotation device around one’s middle and then moving their legs and arms in a running motion without their feet touching the pool floor. However, this water sport will be organised in the deep end of the pool. This water sport has seen most commonly among elite athletes.


Bodyboarding, also known as Boogieboarding, involves a surfer riding a bodyboard on the crest, face, and movement of waves carrying the surfer towards the shore. This is a water sport where bodyboarders use swim fins to gain additional propulsion and have control while riding a breaking wave.

Cliff diving

Cliff diving is a water sport that needs a ‘diver’ who knows how to swim, and a cliff, of course, but nothing else! There are no pieces of equipment to buy, no specific clothing and outfits to wear, and no service providers to hire. Cliff diving involves a person diving straightly from a cliff to a water body situated below, which seems like jumping from an eight-storied building!



Swimming, one of the most common water sports globally, also plays a significant role just like a foundation to a “how to learn water sports?” building!

This water sport involves using arms and legs to move the swimmer’s body through water in a lake or a sea. Also, this water sport tests one’s stamina and fitness.


In parasailing, also known as parascending or parakiting, one will be towed behind a vehicle, more precisely, a boat while attached to a canopy wing that is specially designed just like a parachute. This specially designed canopy wing is known as a parasail wing. Two or three can parasail at a time if the boat is strong enough.

List Of Fun Water Sports You Must Try Once In Your Lifetime!

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