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List Of Fun Water Sports You Must Try Once In Your Lifetime!

Surfing Surfing refers to a water sport that can be performed using equipment known as a surfboard. This involves riding the waves to the shore of the ocean in a prone or upright position. Surfers, those who are into surfing, can catch the ocean, man-made waves, and rivers and glide across the water surface until […]

Top 10 Tips You Must Know About Learning How To Sail

Where to learn sailing? If you are willing to learn sailing, there are many commercial sailing schools where you can learn it, like offshore sailing schools. Also, there are many community schools for sailing in the United States, located along the shores and in the marinas of famous waterways. Popular sailing destinations to learn sailing […]

Ten Courses That Boost Your Yachting Career

Yachting career has become one of the growing job opportunities with several yachties in the industry that has become difficult to stand out while applying for a job. When most of the green crew have already held the introductory required courses, it is essential to complete your professional development with several years of experience, which […]

Maritime Security And The Guidelines

One of the largest industries in the world is the Maritime industry. It ensures the operations at sea and continues to take safe and determined efforts. What is maritime security? The protection of vessels both internally and externally is maritime security. The areas requiring ships and maritime operations need protection, including piracy, illegal trafficking of […]

A Short History Of The Sailing Ships

A beauty that can kill. The British-owned company White Star Line introduced their first ship with world-class amenities and named her the Titanic. A fully loaded ship with rooms available for each class at the time, she was a true beauty. She was even equipped with a heated swimming pool and all other facilities that […]

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