Ten Courses That Boost Your Yachting Career

Ten courses that boost your yachting career

Yachting career has become one of the growing job opportunities with several yachties in the industry that has become difficult to stand out while applying for a job. When most of the green crew have already held the introductory required courses, it is essential to complete your professional development with several years of experience, which work based on yachting ranks.

Here are some of the best complimentary courses that will help you in developing your yachting career and help your CV to stand out while applying for the next job-

Powerboat or tender handling

It is better to have the skill and background knowledge to drive a Powerboat. It isn’t a regular boat as it has some unique features which only the specialists can work on. It is hard to control the launch and recovery, secure buoy, handle the boat, leave and come alongside, and man overboard.

tender handling

Courses on Personal watercraft

Personal watercraft courses are mandatory for the crew to handle personal watercraft like jet skis used for transportation and recreational activities. Many yachts have become certified as RYA PWC training schools, ensuring the operation of all jet skis for guests.

Helicopter training

The safety and operation challenges have become a significant concern for the crew working on yachts with helipads. These courses help teach the procedures skills of helipad and firefighting skills necessary for ensuring maximum safety.

Diving certificate

All the encompassing diving courses are a great addition to a Yacht crew CVs and will benefit rescue and recreational purposes. It can boost your job opportunities which will be helpful in the future.

Approved Engine Course

This introductory engineering course is open for all and gets your foot on the passerelle as it is beneficial for the crew with no yachting engineering qualifications. This qualification will surely help people who want to get into this field even if they have no yachting certification.

Yacht Rating Certificate

There is a crew requirement for some vessels to have a Yacht Rating Certificate which acts as a part of the safe manning requirement. The PYA issues these verticals to know and verify the safety training for yacht and sea service time.

Wind and Kite Surfing course

Wind and Kite Surfing are exceptional while performing recreational activities as they are small size packs. The crews and guests will access the secluded seaside spots by the wind and the Kite Surfing course.

Wind and Kite Surfing course

Beverage courses

What’s better than adding a beverage course? Complimentary beverages courses are fantastic to add to the interior crew’s CV, including wine appreciation, cocktails and mixology, and barista training.

Leadership and management courses

Learning How to motivate individuals, prioritise tasks and foster practical team ethics are applicable for interior and exterior crew roles.

International car driving license

There are own vehicles held by many superyachts to transport guests from one port to the other. They need to have an international driving license which can be a great advantage allowing its crew to collect the provision and transport guests to tourists spots, restaurants, and airports.

Ten Courses That Boost Your Yachting Career

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