A Short History Of The Sailing Ships

A Short History Of The Sailing Ships

A beauty that can kill.

The British-owned company White Star Line introduced their first ship with world-class amenities and named her the Titanic. A fully loaded ship with rooms available for each class at the time, she was a true beauty. She was even equipped with a heated swimming pool and all other facilities that nobody dared to imagine.

Unfortunately, doomsday arrived, and she sunk on April 15, 1912, at 2:33 AM, but her legacy continues. A fundamental and convenient method of transportation used by people worldwide from all social backgrounds. From tourists to fishermen to pirates, ships come in handy.

But how exactly were they first introduced? It’s a long story, but let me help you as I explain it in a shorter version.

Sailing Ships

The entry of Egyptians

The Egyptians had a way with all unique inventions, even when it came to the design of ships.

Although we cannot pinpoint ‘who’ exactly the person was, most historians believe that the Egyptians were the first to introduce the concept of sailing on the water for agricultural and other purposes like exploring or survival purposes and even hunting.

The ship they built was known as the ‘The Praise of The Two Lands,’ which was huge, even for one made in the 2600 BCE. Fun fact about the ship, the ship was made of Cedar Wood!

We now leave the Egyptians at peace and travel to the Netherlands. The Pesse Canoe ship was made during the Mesolithic Era and dated back to 8040 BCE. This entire ship was made using only a Scots-pine log.

Thankfully, it is still as intact as a couple of centuries ago and is up for display at the Drents Museum in the Netherlands.

All your boat/ship lovers would love to see this majestic beast! Now, from the Netherlands, we go all the way to Nigeria.


Welcome of the Nigeria

The origins of the alleged ship aren’t known, but after further scrutiny by the historians, we know that the workers made the sailing ship during the 8000 BCE. It goes by the name Dufuna Canoe as it was found somewhere near the Dufuna Village.

All the ships mentioned above have a particular build and structure, which are way different and unique compared to the ones made now.

The only commonality we can point at is the Mast that stays the same for all ships irrespective of the material used to make it.

In recent times, ships are used for exploring different places or hunting and for leisure and war. The Titanic is an excellent example of a boat made only to serve entertainment to tourists and all other prominent Aristocrats.

The end

Although the model might be a bit similar, the recent ships like the German Battleship Bismarck or the Battleship U.S.S Arizona have been made out of heavier metals to aid in the war.

Indeed, it is unsettling how beauty can always kill.

A Short History Of The Sailing Ships

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