Maritime Security And The Guidelines

Maritime security and the guidelines

One of the largest industries in the world is the Maritime industry. It ensures the operations at sea and continues to take safe and determined efforts.

What is maritime security?

The protection of vessels both internally and externally is maritime security. The areas requiring ships and maritime operations need protection, including piracy, illegal trafficking of goods and people, terrorism, robbery, pollution, and illegal fishing.

There are many works like inspecting, supervising, and proactive procedures, which makes the marine industry the best to minimise the threats to maritime security for both malicious and accidental.

maritime security

Extra care on maritime security

After 9/11, there was an extra focus on protecting the marine sector from attacks from terrorists and other similar cases, both at sea and in the port. Many states and international organisations have formed to help the marine bodies set standards for battering maritime security. As the marine sector is vast and many goods are entering the country, it will be difficult to screen every screen. So as many precautions as possible are to minimise malicious exploitation, which is critical.

Security Tactics

Regular inspection of the vessel

Regular monitoring and ensuring security measures is the main work of maritime security. The security officers need to be attentive every single time and need to be vigilant on their vessels. They always need to look for anything out of the ordinary.

Improving security by overseeing maintenance

If there is anything that doesn’t comply with the security measures aboard the ship, it is the responsibility of the officers to deal with it in the right way.

Handling of Cargo and managing the coordination

When there is a loading and unloading cargo process taking place, a security officer should endure to do everything according to the protocol and make sure that there are proper checks taking place and inspection of bunkers and vessel stores.

Proposing modifications

Suppose there is any requirement for modifications to the security plans of a vessel. In that case, it is the job of the VSO to suggest to the company security officer about these things so that the company can make changes to improve its security.


Report problems

The vessel audits to find the default in work. The security officer’s job is to report them to the company’s safety officer to implement and take corrective actions promptly.

Implementation of security training

The job of a safety officer is to train their crew members on how to behave during everyday and emergencies of security. They also need to explain the consequences of negligence and prepare them thoroughly to face the challenges.

Maritime Security And The Guidelines

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